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Yeah, this wedding is gonna be 3 posts.  I won’t apologize…it’s just really that amazing!

We started with a single image and I’m impressed how quickly the event came together. With farm tables, benches & tuscan chairs and brightly colored linens, the tent at The Governor’s Club was transformed.

Smith-Boggs_0679 Smith-Boggs_0671

Gold chargers and bow tie napkins added a fun touch to the tables while the bright colors caught everyone’s eye as they made their way to the reception space.

Smith-Boggs_0655 Smith-Boggs_0660 Smith-Boggs_0727

The tablescapes were well organized and designed by Jena with hints of gold and fun blue vessels but I’ll tell you more about that process next time. The ribbon chandeliers may be my favorite element of the day!



Brunch and mimosas were served inside the mansion, while locally made jams, acting as guest favors, were placed at each seat.  Flavors included, Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Kiwi and Moonshine.

Smith-Boggs_0867 Smith-Boggs_0898 Smith-Boggs_0870 Smith-Boggs_0702

A gourmet coffee bar was set up outside the tent and served espresso to those in need of a mid-morning “pick me up”! Jena and Trent even provided their guests with to-go cups so that guests could leave with a delicious brew.

Smith-Boggs_0690 Smith-Boggs_0888 Smith-Boggs_0889 Smith-Boggs_0745 Smith-Boggs_0697


Oh, Frederick.  The dinosaur… his name is Frederick.  He was brought to the wedding by Trent’s roommate /groomsmen all the way from Salt Lake City, and he made several appearances throughout the day.  He tormented the baristas, ate the cake and even had his own photo shoot in the photo booth.  He was quite the hit and, to me, he added an extra element of energy to an already fun event. Brunch, coffee, photobooth and a dinosaur?  I’m there.

Speaking of photobooth…Jena and I spent HOURS creating the pinwheels that were adhered to the framework, which the men in our world lovingly created for the big day.  Many Disney movies and Marina’s carryout acted as the backdrop to our sis-dates to get these suckers finished.  I think the result was outstanding.

Smith-Boggs_0218 Smith-Boggs_0233 Smith-Boggs_0687 Smith-Boggs_0238 Smith-Boggs_0019



This free printable from Wedding Chicks ensured the couple would see their wedding through the eyes of their guests!  Customized with their hashtag, guests flooded Instagram with photos…like these beauties:


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Some other fun elements of the big day?  The programs that Trent created with a Mad Libs incorporated and the custom cornhole boards Jena painted!

Smith-Boggs_0910 Smith-Boggs_0914 Smith-Boggs_0915

Smith-Boggs_0027 Smith-Boggs_0684 Smith-Boggs_0750

After brunch, a turn at the photobooth, and a great cup of coffee, these two cut their cake, gelato was served and Trent and Jena shared their first dance.


Smith-Boggs_0927 Smith-Boggs_0945 Smith-Boggs_0946



We sent them off with a confetti exit and these two were headed on their honeymoon! Hard to believe we crammed all of this fun into 4 hours!

Smith-Boggs_0965 Smith-Boggs_0970 Smith-Boggs_0973 Smith-Boggs_0985

Thankfully, I had INCREDIBLE help on the day of to ensure I was able to enjoy this event with my family and soak in all of these details.  I’m so thankful for that decision and for their expertise!  🙂

Until next time…


Venue: The Governor’s Club
Rentals: Southern Events & BBJ Linen
Catering: The Governor’s Club
Photography: Krista Lee Photography
Floral Design: Emily Kennedy
Cake: Jenifer Goode
Gelato: Legato Gelato
Coffee: Beve Mobile Coffee
Pinwheels/chandeliers/cornhole sets: Created by Kennedy Occasions & Jena Boggs Smith