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This week has been pretty crappy; full of frustration, tears and disappointment.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find the silver lining.

I recently read “Silver Linings Playbook” and was encouraged by how positive Pat remained, despite his trials, setbacks and challenges.  It is upon the heels of this recent read that I am able to remain positive in my 8-5 and focus on the silver linings in my life.

Some ask me why I still work full time AND plan weddings.  How do you juggle that?  How do you stay sane? Truthfully, I don’t always.  Some weeks are very challenging.  I enjoy using my college and graduate degree.  Some of the people I work with are the most inventive and exciting people I know and I cherish many of them.  But honestly, there are many answers to that question…it could take hours to answer it, and unless you have a pot of coffee and tiramisu, we won’t get into it!

Primarily, I’m able to maintain my sanity because of the beautiful people who have entered my life as I work with them towards the happiest day in their own.  I love planning weddings.  I love seeing a bride’s face when she puts on her wedding dress for the last time.  I love seeing many hours’ worth of hard work come to fruition.  I love watching the groom’s face when he sees his love for the first time that day.  My favorite part is high-fiving my husband as we close the church doors behind our bride and her dad, knowing that in that moment, this day is perfect.  All of these moments make the hard work worth every lost hour of sleep, email, and hot-glued fingers!

So, after this difficult week, I needed to share happiness.  I needed to share my silver linings.  As I was browsing through some files this evening, I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs of people who have touched my life and encouraged me onward.  My brides, grooms, their families and favorite vendors are what keeps me moving; keeping me focused on a greater goal and the things that make me happiest.

0027This sweet couple and their families were gracious, thankful and surrounded by incredible people! One of our favorite couples!

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Krista Lee Photography

Hilary and her mother, Mary, brought such joy to my life that I cried when the wedding was over! Cried. Big, fat crocodile tears.

Ariel Renae Photography

Ariel Renae Photography

World’s. Sweetest. Bridal party/family. A wedding full of happiness and sweet family and friends. Loved every second of this event.

Tyler Andrews Photography

Tyler Andrews Photography

One of the most unique events I’ve had the pleasure of orchestrating.  Personal, thoughtful and full of surprises.


When “clients” become friends, it’s an honor. When “clients” become BEST friends, you wonder why it took a wedding to bring you together!


M.Fisher Imagery

This project (and the influential photographer behind it), has been a saving grace these last few weeks.  Full of spunk, fun, and encouragement, our constant communication and the organization of these style shoots has kept my head above water and allowed me the opportunity to be creative. So appreciative.

Justin Wright Photography

Justin Wright Photography

All smiles, all night. So in love and so happy to be together! A testament to true love.


Lotus Blossom Photography

 The photographer behind this photograph/style shoot offered me the chance to create my first bridal bouquet, sparking a passion I was unaware of. One of the first vendors I connected with, this lady has encouraged me, challenged me, and continues to be a sounding board for ideas, inspiration and fun projects! I hope she knows how much I appreciate her!

Sharing these photographs (together with a great dinner, some snuggles with my sweet pup and a cold beer!) ensure I’ll make it through to the weekend, where I am working at a beautiful new venue with a sweet couple as they become “Mr & Mrs”! *Constantly looking for silver linings!*