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Hey there!  Been a while.  March has been a wild and crazy month; a ton of fun, but extremely busy!  We’ve met some incredible vendors and worked with super sweet couples and as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I’m thankful for the next few days to wind down and catch up on some much needed “office work”, such as blogging!

Some of you might think I’m crazy, but I have an idea.  And I kindof like it.  As you know, our last name is Kennedy (surprise!).  Currently, our wedding “collections” are titled with precious jewel names (aw, how sweet, right?) but I’m thinking it’s time for a change.  So here’s my thought…..*drumroll please*…..FAMOUS KENNEDY NAMES!!!  Genius, right?! (Of course when I say “famous Kennedy’s”, I mean women!  Who would really book the “Ted Collection”?!)   Clay doesn’t really agree.  Before you side with him, let me make my case, then I want to hear some feedback!  I’m thinking of using the names “Jacqueline, Caroline and Kathleen”, most likely in that order. 

“Jacqueline” would represent our full service collection.  Known for her class and style, Jacqueline is an icon; a woman to be revered.  A president’s wife and a patron of the arts, she was a lady, in almost every sense of the term.  The “Jacqueline Collection” would be suitable for brides looking for assistance in every step of the planning process.

“Caroline” would represent our mid-level planning and coordination collection.  Caroline, Jacqueline’s daughter, is a strong-willed woman; someone who knows what she wants.  An educated woman and political figure, she can figure many things out for herself, which is why I believe her name and representation to be perfect for our “you do some, we’ll do some” collection. 


“Kathleen” (who!?) would represent our day of/month of coordination collection.  A relatively unknown (thanks Sarah!) Kennedy, Kathleen was an avid volunteer.  Spunky and athletic, she worked closely with the Red Cross, always helping others.  A perfect collection for those brides who want to do 90% of the planning with a little help towards the end, right?


In sum, Clay thinks I’m crazy (okay, okay, I did want our company name to be “A Kennedy Affair”. I admit: bad idea.) but I’m kinda digging this.  I’ve had some positive feedback but I want to hear what you have to say!  Let me know…. 🙂