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I’m excited to announce a new blog series!  Showers!  From “why” to “where”, we’ll explore how to plan, where to host and fun ideas for the many types of honorary showers!  To begin, a few benefits of hosting or being the recipient/honoree of a celebratory shower.  Take it away Megan!

From bridal to baby, there are a variety of types of showers to celebrate a myriad of milestones in one’s life. Though the planning and execution of the shower can be very stressful for the hosts, when done well, showers can be very rewarding for all parties involved. For example, they can: 

  • Temporarily unite family members or friends that do not tend to get along. I hosted a shower for a bride that was marrying into a family where some relatives stopped speaking many years ago. These particular relatives are not typically present at the same functions because of the issues that ensue, and the bride and I were worried that they may make a scene on her wedding day. She wanted them both included in everything, so we invited them to the shower for a trial run. They both came, and they actually spoke to each other and ended up hugging! We were all stunned! The bride was able to feel comfortable that these two would behave themselves on her big day.
  • Make the groom or daddy-to-be feel more included. Let’s face it, most of the showers, parties, etc. are pretty much centered around the ladies. You don’t hear most people saying they can’t wait to see the groom’s tux or the daddy’s belly! Having a couples’ shower (or one just for the guy!) involves the man and gives him a chance to share in the celebration. Going the couples’ route also takes a little pressure off of the bride or mommy-to-be. Instead of her sitting there alone and opening gifts while everyone watches her, she gets to feel a little more comfortable with him by her side.
  • Give the honoree(s) a chance to relax and enjoy some time with their friends and family prior to the wedding or baby’s birth. Preparing for a wedding and a new baby can both be very stressful for the bride or mommy-to-be. Showers should be a time for the honoree to have some fun and chat with some folks that she may not be able to visit with as much as she’d like during the hustle and bustle of the big event.