Are all of your friends engaged?  Is your refrigerator full of engagement announcements and save-the-dates?  Wondering what your next move is?  I’ve had quite a few people ask me recently what the appropriate etiquette is for giving engagement gifts.  I’ve got a few suggestions!  🙂

Although not necessary, an engagement gift for close friends is a lovely gesture!  The gift does not have to be anything fancy or expensive and should NEVER be required or expected from the newly engaged couple.  A good engagement gift should encourage the couple and show them that you are supporting their up and coming marriage!

Below are some suggestions for appropriate gifts to give your newly engaged friends!

1.  Gift certificates – Whether for a romantic dinner out or a couples’ massage, a gift certificate is always appreciated!

2.  Dancing lessons – Dancing lessons would be a spectacular gift for any friends with two left feet!

3.  Picnic basket – A very romantic gift idea!  Add maps of parks to locate waterfalls and a yummy bottle of wine for an added touch.

4.  Something small for their new home: a picture frame or photo album (for their MILLIONS of pictures to come!) would be a very nice and practical gift. 

5.  Wedding planning book –  A wedding planning book is the perfect gift to keep the couple on track during the very hectic planning process!

6.  Engagement photos – EVERY couple should have engagement photos taken (check back for reasons why from an expert!).  If your friends are working on a tight budget or you know that engagement photos are not part of their wedding photography package, maybe a few guests or bridal party members could chip in for an engagment photography session!  Engagement photos would be a lasting keepsake for your friends (and displayed lovely in the photo albums or picture frames given by others!)  🙂

Engagement gift etiquette can be confusing so just remember, if you do wish to send (or bring!) an engagement gift to the happy couple, keep it modest and small as a gesture to their happiness.