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So here’s the deal: Clay and I are only 2 people.  Often, we need extra hands for setup, design work, or just to bounce ideas off of.  Who better to fill that role than my super talented little sister?! 

Jena Boggs (my little sister.  Okay, she is 23, but still little to me!) graduated from Tennessee Tech with a degree in Housing and Design/Human Ecology.  Jena was ESSENTIAL in the planning, orchestrating and designing of my wedding three years ago and has been a HUGE help in the start-up of our company!  She has recently moved into our house as she gets herself situated into her new position at Kirkland’s corporate office in Nashville and I feel she deserves a proper introduction! 

Nancy Hellsten Photography

 Jen has a fantastic eye for style and design and has always been my #1 “go-to” person when I need advice, be it for design, orchestration, life, etc.  Although she has always been an artist (since probably age 4), she has branched out and done some paintings for others, with a particular love for nursery/children’s decor.  As I was working on uploading and editing a few photos, I ran across pictures of her recent paintings: monkeys for my sister-in-law’s nursery…I had to share!

Are those not adorable!?  From the shading of the monkey’s body to the striping around the edges to match the nursery bedding, she took great pains to attend to every detail! 

I had to share!  To see some of her other projects and fun travels, check out her blog!  She’d love to hear from you…or paint something for you!  🙂