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I have been working on this post since May 6th, but am so glad I waited to post. I have been made aware of a new opportunity and am very excited to share it with you! So here it goes…

It’s been hard to concentrate on wedding tasks this week.  With many parts of Nashville under water and many wedding vendors affected by the flood, I feel guilty dealing with regular wedding-planning “to-do’s”.  Although Murfreesboro suffered some flooding, friends, clients, businesses, wedding vendors and venues in the Nashville area were tragically impacted and/or devastated as the water continued to rise. 

I won’t rehash that weekend’s events because I start to cry, but I do encourage anyone that’s able to donate any resources they can.  It’s going to to be a long recovery but we are encouraged by those who share this story through facebook, blogs or editorials.  After receiving this link Monday after the storms, I burst into tears.  Nashville and middle TN are filled with incredible people with huge hearts and spirits and Patten portrays it perfectly!  As a huge Preds fan, I can tell you that the biggest (and loudest!) Nashville fans sit in Cell Block 303!  =) 

Death toll rises as river crests, floods Nashville

For anyone interested in donating time or money to the relief effort, please check out the following organizations working day and night to help those in need in the middle TN area. 

Hands on Nashville

Nashville Red Cross

A great way to donate to the victims of the flood with a FABULOUS incentive, is to participate in Photos for the Flood.  My sweet friend Amber of Lotus Blossom Photography sent me a link and I had to pass it along!  What a great opportunity for ENGAGEMENT Photos, ANNIVERSARY photos, FAMILY photos, heck…the sky is the limit!  Many of the most amazing photographers in the Nashville area are participating in this event and all of the money is donated to support the flood victims!  This is an incredible opportunity for anyone needing/wanting great photographs and interested in helping the Nashville area!

Photos for the flood

Keep the Nashville area in your prayers and please consider donating time and/or money to these devastated area!