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It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks for us!  Three potential client meetings, 2 vendor meetings and lots of organizing and sorting.  This weekend includes a trip to the flower wholesale and finalizing some details for our spectacular May wedding.  Phew.  I need(ed) a breather!  I took an afternoon for myself the other day…and it was bad…really bad.

I cheated the other day.  I didn’t come straight home like I planned.  I ended up at Ann Taylor Loft… 

I started ballet at age 2 and loved every minute of it.  I turned 22 and my focus turned to graduation (from college) and making my way into the “real world”.  I have performed and danced with many groups throughout Tennessee, auditioned for and accepted into exclusive summer programs (sadly, I could never afford to go), and even traveled overseas with my company.  I often burst into tears when I see ballerinas and consider quitting ballet the biggest regret of my life. 

Greece 1999 - Emily Boggs, Ashley Woody and Brooke Fair

So as the new winter/spring wedding and fashion catalogs hit newstands, organzas, Grishko pink and pale grey screamed at me from the pages.  It didn’t really make an impact on me, however, until I walked into The Loft.  I wanted it all!  Every wrap-around sweater and light cotton-blend T; beautiful grey dress pants and pink pearls paired with ivory silks and elegant fabric flower accents.  What a statement these colors make without being bold and eye-popping!  Even the jewelry, with its golden hues, rhinestones and pearls mimic those accents found on costumes worn by world-renowned ballerinas.  I’m in love.  Absolutely, head over heels in love with this look and these inspirations, for clothing/fashion and for weddings! 

Textured Open Front Cardigan

Woven Trim Cardigan

Above photos from AnnTaylor Loft

Check out some fellow bloggers and the inspiration boards they created while inspired by the ballet. 

 Above: Brides Little White Book

Ballerinas posess a tremendous amount of poise and grace.  The ballerina “style” is flowery, full of movement and soft.  

 Above:  The Gleam of Rose Tea

Wedding Inspiration #15: Pink and Gray

 Wedding Inspiration Board: Black and Blush

Two above: AyleeBits

Incorporate these into your wedding design by using large, soft blooms in your arrangements or using organza in your bridal party attire or decor.  Bows, satin ribbons and pink are always associated with ballerinas! 

Soft shades of pink and grey, paired with classic jewels or pearls with feminine touches would make a BEAUTIFUL winter or early spring wedding. 

Above: Snippet and Ink

Okay, there you have it: a glimpse into something I adore!  BTW…The Loft is offering an ADDITIONAL 40% off clearance items online right now…just so you know! =)