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I’m excited about this vendor highlight!  We met this lovely, newlywed couple at the Boro Bridal Ball and had a wonderful time goofing off in their custom-built creation!  

 These two lovebirds not only BUILT their own photo booth, but now they share it with others!  Without further ado, I present Bianca (& Paul) Tinsley and Snap Happy Photobooths!

We are a husband and wife team with a company called Snap Happy Photo Booths. We rent out photo booths for all types of events… but about 80% of them are weddings. We started the company, kind of on accident, when planning our wedding. To me, a photo booth was a MUST HAVE! I wanted a photo booth more than I wanted a dress… I mean it was do or die! Knowing we had to have a photo booth, we looked into the pricing, and found it very distressing that the only companies in the Nashville area that rented photo booths had prices starting at the $1300 mark. We decided to talk to Paul’s uncle about building a booth. He is a contractor and knows how to build just about anything! He said we could do it no problem, so we went to work building a photo booth. Paul is a computer geek, and a total electronics genius so we knew he could write the software and make it run smoothly! We went to work building the booth, and when we were about 60% done with building it, I decided I would be a smarty pants and put it on craigslist. I wanted to see if we could rent it out just a couple times to get it paid for. Thinking it would take a while to get a nibble, I went ahead and posted the ad! The night I posted the add, which was a Wednesday, we got a call from a lady asking if we could come to her daughters Sweet Sixteen THAT WEEKEND! We were totally freaking out… and not knowing if we could possibly even finish it by then, I told her we had to “check our schedule to make sure we didn’t have a booking that night.” 🙂 We chatted for a bit, panicked, did a happy dance, and decided that we would pull all nighters until Saturday and do the event. We got done with the booth about one hour before we had to leave to go to the party. I’ve never been so stressed as I was the first night we rented the booth… but all went splendid, and from that night on things just sort of took off! Last year was our first year, and we had 25 rentals. We absolutely love being a part of peoples big life celebrations! We also enjoy providing a more economical option for brides and other party throwers. With our prices starting at 700 for a 2 hour rental, many people that otherwise couldn’t afford a photo booth, are able to have one!

2. WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO As cheesy as it sounds, to make people happy, laugh, and have fun! We bring silly sunglasses, boas, fire hats, construction hats, and other silly props to all of our events free of charge to be sure everyone has a blast and gets some super fun shots! Hearing the constant laughter and joy coming from something we provide and built just makes my heart smile real big! 🙂

3. FAVORITE PROJECT? (CAKE, FLORALS, EVENT??) I love doing Weddings ! They are my favorite events because of how sentimental they are… it is wonderful to see two people so in love!

4. WHAT YOU DO ON A TYPICAL WEEKEND? I have just started a career in real estate so I have been showing a lot of houses on weekends lately, but along with that…. We love to go boating, my family has a houseboat, ski boat, and jet ski on Center Hill Lake which is one of my absolute favorite places in the world! We love going garage sale-ing, well I should say I love going garage sale-ing, and Paul tolerates it, because he’s a great hubby… plus he occasionally finds awesome deals on power tools, which is an added bonus. We enjoy remodeling, and just hanging with friends and family! Most summer weekends we are busy with photo booth rentals, which is a blast and we love!

5. FAVORITE SUPER HERO? hmm… I’ve never really thought about that actually!! Does Castle count? He’s my own personal brand of super hero… I love the mystery … and he always helps Beckett capture the bad guys! 🙂

6. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE? There’s so many things!! HUGS, TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT, AND MORE TWILIGHT. I am a total twilighter. Photo Booths, Pandas, all kinds (red and normal), rap music, french country magazines and decor, ballroom dancing, all kinds of dancing… in the car, in front of the mirror, in the rain, basically anywhere, cuddling, drive-in movies, hautelook.com , http://www.mclemoreauction.com , ebay. stuffed animals, roller coasters, black and white pictures, my huband, my kitties, my friends, my family, love, helping people, girls nights, Italy, Venice, Italians, animals of all kinds!

7. BESIDES YOUR WEDDING/EVENT BUSINESS, WHAT DO YOU FILL YOUR FREE TIME WITH? go antiquing, garage saleing, journal, scrapbook, hang with friends and family

8. ANY ADVICE/TIPS FOR YOUR SUBJECTS/CLIENTS? What happens in the booth, stays in the booth! Have fun, get silly, you’re behind a curtain … it’s all about letting loose!

9. ANY CURRENT SPECIALS OR PROMOTIONS?? 10% off if booked in the month of April.

Bianca, thanks for answering our silly questions and sharing a bit about yourself and your company with us! 

Check out their website and be sure to ask about their guestbook services!!!