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Clay and I are hard at work getting our materials and booth read for the Boro Bridal Ball next weekend!  I’m excited about our door prize, our floral decor by the fabulous Jimm Wright and our INCREDIBLE savings with Lotus Blossom Photography (more on that in future posts)!  We have a few surprises up our sleeve and are so excited to meet the brides-to-be, their fiances and family at the Stones River Country Club next weekend! 

In addition to our bridal fair to-do list, we decided that next week would be the perfect time to move…can you hear the sarcasm in those words????  It’s kinda hectic around here but we are hoping to FINALLY get the last minute projects done at our renovation this weekend (I’ll post pictures next week!!) and get MOVED!!!  Yay!    

On a completely random note: We love The Office!  I look forward to it every week and have a daily quote calendar that makes me smile!  I had to share a quote from the other day….

Monday, March 8th

“Sweetheart, just so you know, I don’t care where we get married.  I’ll marry you right here in this building.  I’ll marry you in the parking lot.  I’ll marry you in the eye of a hurricane in the middle of a snowstorm on top of a monsoon.  All I care about is that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.  Hey-oh!’    ~ Andy, to Angela

Goodnight, all!     Emily