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As a  blushing bride-to-be, you probably want what’s in style, right?  The latest and greatest ideas from the high-fashion wedding magazines probably top your list of “must haves”.  Let me let you in on a little secret….Timeless trumps trendy!  Ok, Ok.  Let me explain.  There are simple, yet elegant ways to incorporate trendy (high fashion) elements into your wedding decor/theme/attire without instantly dating your wedding.  Think pencil skirt, not mini skirt!  Pencil skirts will always be worn, whereas mini skirts….well, they may not always stay near and dear to our hearts!  Remember your mother’s wedding dress?  Remember how you (probably!) said “Ugh.  I’ll never wear that.”  The same thing will be said about your dress, decor or overall look if you go overboard with the latest trends!  Twenty years from now, you will look back on your beautiful wedding pictures and I’m certain the last thing you want to say is “Why in the heck did I choose that?!”  

Here are 4 simple ways to balance a timeless look with a few fun, trendy details.  Please note: Trendy and Modern are not the same thing!  Modern could mean anything this decade while trendy is often limited to this season. 

1.  Color.  If you want the latest, most fashionable seasonal color to be a part of your wedding, take it easy!  Just because pistachio green may be the latest and most popular color for your wedding season doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids, table linens, flowers and centerpieces must scream “PISTACHIO!”.  Pair trendy colors with classic black or brown.  Incorporate the color into your floral arrangements or ribbons while leaving your table linens timeless (i.e. black, white, ivory, etc).  The pop of color will truly enhance your decor and make a bigger statement than if it’s in every element of your wedding.  

Love this example.  The green really makes a statement paired with classic black and white!

2.  Photographs.  Photojournalism is a standard form of wedding photography these days.  Think back again to your parents’ wedding photos…..a little different than today!  With all of the fun and quirky styles of photographers today, wedding photography has taken a very artistic turn!  Definitely take advantage of these fun and funky photographs, but don’t forget the formal pictures.  Be sure to include a beautiful, classic photograph of the two of you at the alter and your bridal party without jumping up in the air.  Trust me, we have some FANTASTIC unusual wedding photos and I love them dearly, but 50 years from now, the simple photo of the two of us outside the church will continue to be my favorite (“about” photo on our website!). 

3.  Stationary.  The sky is the limit today when you start researching your wedding stationary!  With incredible graphic artists at your disposal, invitations, programs and thank you notes have been completely transformed.  You may not want a formal, stuffy invitation and that’s absolutely fine!  However, I would encourage you to keep your invitations and programs simple while letting your imagination run wild for the design of your save-the-dates and thank you notes, maintaining a balance of classic and trendy.  Doing so allows you to remain true to your “trendiness”, while making the trendy elements really POP!  I’m not saying send out a bland white invite that you hate, but simply to save the super hot trendy elements for stationary that might not ever weasel its way into a frame on your wall, thirty years from now!  Another suggestion would take us back to color; keeping a simple background with a pop of that trendy color you love and plan to incorporate throughout maintains a sense of class without screaming “PISTACHIO”! 

4.  Favors.  Go wild!  This is the perfect opportunity to be as trendy or wild as you like!  Express your personality and really give your guests a glimpse of who you are as a couple!  Incorporate favorite foods, the latest and greatest favor idea (i.e. photo booths, charity donations, candy buffets, etc), or whatever your favorite wedding favor trend.   Your guests will remember the fantastic “new” item or the great idea you left them with and still remember the classic overall “feel” of your wedding day: the perfect balance of timeless and trendy. 

I hope these simple tips help create a beautiful balance for your wedding day!    ~ Emily