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Before we dive into the main reason for blogging tonight, I must share some excitement!  After dinner last night with the fabulous Amber of Lotus Blossom Photography, we have a few projects in the works!  Hints: Lucky Leslie; Keys to savings!  =)  I can’t wait to share our scheming with you in the very near future! 

While doing a bit of research for an upcoming concept shoot with said fabulous Amber, I ran across this site, Busy Beaver Buttons, referrenced by Snippet and Ink, referrenced on GreyLikesWeddings, referrenced by JessicaClairePhotography.  Phew.  All appropriate credits given!

Busy Beaver Buttons makes custom buttons of all shapes and sizes for campaigns, promotions, marketing, etc. but what I loved was the use of the buttons as wedding favors!  Photographs and/or custom designs can be used/uploaded to make buttons and with incredible pricing, these are a fantastic gift for guests to take home!  Add goofy comments, romantic quotes or quirky facts about the two of you; Busy Beaver will take your ideas/thoughts/wishes and craft them into custom designs for your buttons!  Where were these people 2 years ago!!!??? 

These would also make great party favors for a child’s birthday party, great “flair”  (Office Space, anyone?) for a baby shower or bachelorette party and a great addition to a charity event!  Tie them onto favor packaging (i.e. bags, boxes, etc.) as your tag: upload an incredible image of the two of you and POOF!  Instant flair!  I can’t wait to have a need for buttons!  Who wants some?!?

Check out the pictures below for a look at their work!

Above photograph by Amy Kumler; as seen on Snippet and Ink’s blog

 Above photograph submitted by a client of Aubrey Trinnaman on Snippet and Ink’s blog.