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Another photographer highlight!  Meet the talented Nancy Center of Nancy Center Photography.  With a sweet disposition and a passion for people, Nancy is incredibly easy to talk to and excited to capture your special moments!  Clay, Jena and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Louis Anniversary party and she captured fantastic shots of that beautiful family!  (see picture below – thanks Nancy for taking this!) Check out her website and contact her for more information on appointments and pricing! 

Kennedy Occasions

Nancy Center Photography

A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND WHO YOU ARE – My philosophy is that the best photographs tell a story or capture a memory. Stop by my house and you’ll see that the photographs hanging on my walls aren’t formal ones in gilt frames. Rather, they’re ones that make me smile even after years of passing them in the hallway: my baby playing pattycake with her namesake by the kitchen window or my 4-year-old helping her grandmother blow out the candles on her 90th birthday cake. Those moments are absolutely priceless, and I’d love to capture those same kind of memories for you, too. When I cover an event, we’ll be sure to get whatever poses are important to you. But you’ll find me snapping a lot of unexpected shots, too — which usually turn out to be some of the absolute favorites.

WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO – I feel blessed to have the ability to see and capture joyful moments for others, and to use that talent to earn a living. It fascinates me that we’re actually called to use those gifts in the Bible (1 Peter 4:10), and it makes me realize how really fantastic the world can be when everyone just does what they do best. I trained in photography in college and worked for an extremely talented and generous portrait photographer. Following graduation I took a different career path. That is, until a friend’s sweet mother took me to task for it, telling me I was wasting the talent I had an obligation to use…So after several years away from this first love, I picked up my camera once again. I am grateful, however, for the experiences I’ve had along the way. My photography now is much more lighthearted, spontaneous, and all-out fun than it ever could have been before. All things do work together for good, and the timing has been wonderful.

Cole Train

Nancy Center Photography

FAVORITE THING/SUBJECT TO PHOTOGRAPH? –  Joyful, spontaneous, candid moments really fuel my passion for photography. Capturing those serendipitous moments with my camera is so rewarding for me and so meaningful for the subjects. Most of the photos on my website are just happy accidents. What’s captivating about them is the emotion that was caught in the moment. For instance, the profile on my homepage (www.NancyCenterPhotography.com) is of my daughter holding a balloon at the Sears Tower in Chicago. It may appear to be posed, but it was actually just one brief peaceful moment she found amidst the chaos. The tower was PACKED with people, and it was really difficult to get the shot because of the crowd. In fact, Kate’s turned sideways because she had just been talking to her big sister, who jumped out of the frame right before I snapped it. Neither of them knew I was taking their picture, (nor did the people who kept walking through the shot!)

balloon for NC blog

Nancy Center Photography

WHAT YOU DO ON A TYPICAL WEEKEND? – Weekends are family time for us as much as possible, with lots of time spent at the soccer fields, church, and photographing events.

family autumn

Nancy Center Photography

FAVORITE SUPER HERO – Isis! no one seems to remember her but me — she had a show on Saturday mornings when I was a kid and had the coolest costume ever. I almost patterned my drum major uniform in high school after her, but somehow resisted the urge.

 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE – A sense of humor is important to me, and I’m blessed with really great friends and family who keep me in stiches. I’m especially thankful to be married to one of the funniest humans I know, which is maybe why I have funny kids.

candy buffet

Nancy Center Photography

BESIDES PHOTOGRAPHY, WHAT DO YOU FILL YOUR FREE TIME WITH? – Coffee! and lots of it, along w/good food and lots of books. My husband, John, and I love cooking together and entertaining when time allows. Reading is big at our house as well, and we loving hitting the bookstore with our two daughters, too.

ANY ADVICE/TIPS FOR YOUR SUBJECTS? – Be yourself! and ignore the camera as much as possible. You’ll get some great candid shots that way, which really show the real you. The little girl on the “Appointments” tab of my site is a great example (kids are experts at this!) We had just finished her portrait session when she climbed in the back of my Jeep. The lighting was perfect and she looked so content that I snapped one more. It’s one of my current favorites. 


Nancy Center Photography

ANY CURRENT SPECIALS OR PROMOTIONS?? – It’s time to work on Christmas pictures and Christmas cards! For the holiday season, I’m offering half off on sitting fees! I’ll photograph your family at your home or the location of your choice (within the Murfreesboro area) for $50, instead of the standard $100 sitting fee. Portraits, albums, and cards can be ordered from my website and shipped directly to you. If you have family living out of state, albums make a thoughtful and easy gift, which can also be ordered and shipped (directly to them!) from the website in time for Christmas! See details at: www.NancyCenterPhotography.com.

Nancy Center