I have been busy with wedding tasks all week!  Luckily, as a state employee, we get some time off while the attorneys in our office attend the annual conference! =)  I have been repainting and cleaning the lanterns from my own wedding (for our bride this weekend to use) and assembling the programs.  Although it doesn’t sound like much work, believe me, it has filled my time!  During a quick break in tying the programs together, I wanted to share with you some good news…

So Clay and I have officially reached a stopping point in our renovation.  We have done everything that we can possibly do or are able to do in a decent amount of time.  So…it was time to call in the experts!  Thanks to an attorney friend, we were introduced to Jim Murray….our shining light at the end of the tunnel!  =)   His to-do list includes new flooring throughout the bottom floor, tile floor and walls in bottom bath, leveling the kitchen floor and new (tile) flooring, custom built shower (with a bench!) and tile flooring in the master bath and sanding and painting flooring upstairs.  (Don’t freak out!  The hardwoods in the home were PAINTED a terrible (poop) brown and we are unsure whether they can be salvaged…repainting them may be our only option…sigh. )

After meeting with Jim and walking through the house, we received our quote.  We are so excited!  Not only was it incredibly reasonable but they can start before the end of the month!!!  I can’t wait for them to get started and see the end result.  Although we probably won’t be settled in time to host our Christmas open house, we should be able to move during the holidays and be settled in January!  I see a spring open house in our future…hopefully our exterior to-do list will be done in time! =/