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I hope to make this one of many posts discussing wedding photography.  For this post, information has been used (and inspiration fueled) courtesy of Don Wright (thanks Don!).

Your wedding photographs may be the most important investment you make in regards to your wedding day.  When all the guests have returned home, all your flowers have wilted, and all the food eaten, your pictures will tell the story of your day.  The details you so meticulously planned, guests who traveled from afar and each joyful moment should be a top priority for you AND your photographer. 

Middle TN wedding photographer and graphic designer, Don Wright (www.DonWrightDesigns.com), has compiled a list of fantastic questions to be asked of any “wedding photographer”.  PLEASE print these and discuss them with any potential photographer for your special day!

 Questions to ask your photographer:

Will he/she be taking photos at your wedding?

Are they a member of any associations or groups specific to the industry?

What styles do they specialize in?  Do they do any creative shoots?

What type of camera/software will the photographer use?

Does the photographer use an assistant?  Is there an extra charge for this?

Will there be backup equipment available?  What happens if the photographer is ill?

Can other people (i.e. guests) take photos while photographer is taking photos?

Has he/she worked at your event location before?  How did it work out?

Should your event last longer than expected, will they stay?  Extra charge?

What types of photos will be taken?  (B/W, color, antiques, etc…)

Will they accept a list from you of specific photos to be taken?

What attire will they and their assistants wear?

How long after the event will proofs be ready?

Will they give negatives/CD or what is the charge?

To see Don’s answers to these questions, view his portfolio, and learn more about his serious approach to providing quality, professional wedding photography, visit the following link:


Clay and I constantly refer to our wedding photographs!  They are framed ALL OVER our house and albums and slideshows fill our living spaces!  As our anniversary approaches, I’m reminded of how lucky we were to work with such a talented artist (www.nancyhellstenphotography.com).  I’m so grateful to have a positive photography experience to share but understand that many brides are not nearly so lucky!  PLEASE, take the time to get to know your photographer.  Study their portfolios, ask to see collections and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions!