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While internet browsing and uploading profiles/pics/storefronts, etc. I came across this article on Saundra Hadley’s blog  http://planningforever.com/blog/.  I just had to share.

“Like with many of the different aspects of the wedding business, there are some serious misconceptions of what type of people hire wedding planners. The idea that these people may not have minds of their own or are incredibly disorganized cannot be further from the truth.

In the past six years of running an event planning business, I can only count on one hand where we had a few brides that were “challenged” in being organized and understanding the whole process. For some people, managing the sheer volume of details is very over-whelming. That does not make them inept; we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

99%t of our clients are Type-A personalities. They understand what they want, highly organized, accomplished, driven people who want to be intimately involved in planning their wedding but also really love to have an unbiased, third party input to bounce ideas around.

They are not weak. They are not mindless. They are not ladies/men who want to be led around. Instead they look at their wedding day as a financial investment in beginning their life together. And so, while spending their hard-earned money on professional caterers, cake designers, florists, photographers, videographers, or entertainment, they also understand the need for an event professional to pull all of this together so they don’t have to work or worry on their big day.”

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As a type – A bride who tried to do it all myself, I can relate to those who feel a planner is not necessary or simply a luxury they can not afford.  However, this article encourages those brides to turn over the stress and responsibilities of their big day.  You can do it all yourself, but may not be able to enjoy your day as you could and should.  Trust in your planner; it’s one of the best investments you will make!

Kennedy Occasions offers a day-of coordination package, a partial and a complete planning package.  All of these can be customized to meet your needs and your budget.  You worked hard to get the guy; let us work hard to make your day worth the wait!  Allow us to be a part of your special event!