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Our vendor entries continue!  Murfreesboro has so many talented vendors and we hope that by highlighting them here they may gain more exposure and more clients! =)  Friend and co-worker Meagan Fisher has recently launched MFisher Photography (MFisherPhotography.com) and is looking forward to working with babies, couples and furry friends in the middle Tennessee area!  

A bit about Meagan and MFisher Photography:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Why you do what you do: Telling a person or couple or dog’s story in tangible form makes me excited to get out of bed every morning. I can’t think of anything I would rather spend my weekends & free time doing than meeting awesome people & capturing the little moments that make their lives unique.

Most exciting event: Second shooting my first big wedding. The photographer taught me so much & it was so incredible to document this couple’s awesome day.  wedding

Favorite subject: Can’t really pick one at this point. I love newborns, couples in love & dogs, can’t get enough doggie kisses!

What do you do on a typical Friday night: Edit, ha! Such an exciting life I lead. No really at this point working full time plus starting this business, most week nights & weekends are filled with editing & website building & shoots. And the strange part? I don’t miss my ‘life’ at all! I think that is how I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

What makes you smile: My three dogs. No matter what my mood, their zest for life & their boundless energy & optimism ALWAYS ALWAYS brighten my mood. I think its one of the reasons I want to do dog photography. For anyone who has ever truly loved a dog understands. They provide unconditional love in its truest form!

Any advice for photography subjects?  I’m not sure I’m to the point of offering anyone advice! 🙂 With my subjects I do my best to keep them relaxed. The more comfortable they are the better the photos. That’s why I always tell them to shout out any ideas they have, to tell me if they don’t like a suggestion/pose/location whatever because I’m all about them being happy with the photos. I guess advice would be to wear what you FEEL good in & always be honest with your photographer. If he/she won’t listen to you, find a new one (preferably me!!). couple
Any current specials or promotions? For anyone who reads this and books a session I will give them the Friends & Family discount. That takes the session fee from $75 to $50 & that always includes one 8 x 10 or two 5 x 7’s.Lucas
Thanks Meagan!  Congratulations and good luck with your new venture!