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I ran across this in my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (marthastewartweddings.com) this morning and had to share!  We are excited to use this idea for an anniversary party in October….but don’t tell, it’s a surprise for the couple!!! =)  Knew you when - pinboard

Although this is suggested for weddings, I imagine it might be easier and better suited for a smaller, more intimate gathering.  Each guest places their flag on the year they met the happy couple.  Another fun twist might be to have the invited guests place their flag on a year in which they shared a special memory or funny story with the guest(s) of honor or bride and groom and share it with the group.

Knew you when - flags The large board is easily made by downloading the template from MSW’s website, printing at your local supply store (Kinko’s, Staples, etc.) and mounting onto foam board.  The flags are crafted from scrapbooking/origami paper and sewing or corsage pins are used to mount them to the board.  A super easy, fantastic way to share memories and funny stories with the guests of honor at your next event!