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Our dear friend Meg celebrates a birthday tomorrow and in honor of that special day, we want to feature Meg’s creative talent…jewelry making.  Meg LOVES beads!  She has an incredible eye for style and is hands-down one of the sweetest, most energetic people you will meet.  She is excited to share her pieces with others and has not only sold her pieces, but also makes custom creations!  Whether you need a chunky, bold piece for a special occasion or a simple strand of beads for a wedding party, Meg can create it and will LOVE working with you to make it uniquely yours and reflective of your style.   I encourage anyone who is looking for wedding or special occasion jewelry to contact me for Meg’s contact information.  You will love every minute of her company and creative energy.

Although I knew Meg when I began planning my own wedding, I had no idea she was so talented.  I knew that I wanted unique jewelry for my bridesmaids and had started collecting beads to try to make them.  Not really having the time for this project,  I readily recruited Meg to design and create them.  Each piece was unique and strung  in a combination of gold pearls, Swarovski crystals and gold accents and were BEAUTIFUL!  I love these pictures of my girls before the service in their dresses and necklaces.  The girls are each so gorgeous and Meg and I worked really hard to make each necklace reflective of its recipient and her style.

All photographs were taken at our wedding by Nancy Hellsten Photography.  

Stay tuned for future posts featuring more of Meg’s creations!