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Seems as though lately every aspect of our life is “under construction”.  New job, new business, ‘new’ house…all in the works! 

Kennedy Occasions is well under way.  Our website is close to completion and with most of our gallery photographs uploaded, we are close to a launch date (fingers crossed: September 1st)!  We are hoping to have some funky/urban pictures taken of the two of us for our CONTACT and ABOUT pages to balance all the soft/elegant photos of the weddings.  When those are taken and uploaded and our cards, stationary and initial mailers are printed, our to-do list is just about complete. 

Besides business planning, we have also been busy house planning.  No, we aren’t building a new house or shopping around for a house….we have had one at our disposal for quite some time.  Only recently did we decide to take advantage of this opportunity and turn this 1904 college living quarters into our new home.  Little did we know, this was going to be a HUGE undertaking!  This four bedroom house was home to Clay and more than 20 fraternity brothers and friends over 8 years and is in need of a major overhaul!  We have ripped out a bathroom and flooring, repaired walls and window casings, built a new doorframe, landscaped, planted a small garden, sealed off a fireplace, ripped out and painted closets, painted living room, dining room, kitchen……  And we aren’t halfway through our to-do list yet! DSCN2847

We are both SO excited about these new ventures!  With a business launching this fall and a prospective move-in date this winter (before Christmas), we have been busy individuals!   We can’t thank our friends and family enough for their help, support and encouragement!  We look forward to sharing these with you!