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So you think you have it all under control.  Down to the very last detail.  No need for any help.  Or is there…???  Although you have everything perfectly planned, there are quite a few areas where a wedding coordinator can ensure your big day is less stressful for you, your bridal party and your family. 

Below are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator for the day of your nuptials!

1.  Who will greet vendors? Supervise setup? Open the venues?

2.  Who will organize the bridal party, cue their entrances, the soloists, musicians and minister?

3.  Who will light candles, cut the cake or pay your vendors? 

4.  Who will clean up after the ceremony and reception?  (Most places will fine the bride and groom if the areas are not left as you found them!)

5.  Do you have someone to run last minute errands to pick up extra bobby pins, shoe polish, hairspray, men’s black socks, safety pins?

6.  Do you know someone who can sew a tear or hem back in place if such a mishap should occur? 

7.  Who will inform the photographers of a change in events or timing?  Or lead them to the proper places to snap those perfect shots?

8.  Who will cue the DJ or band of your entrance and encourage their adherence to a timeline?

9.  Who will nurse a sick bridesmaid, groomsman or flower girl if they should fall ill before or during the ceremony? 

10.  Who will lead your rehearsal?  Some ministers will rehearse their part, but not necessarily lead the entire rehearsal!  Do you know where your bridal party will stand?  Which usher will seat which grandmother, mother, etc?  Leading the rehearsal is a pretty big challenge and can be incredibly frustrating for someone who has little or no experience with such a venture! 

Clay and I learned how important a coordinator can be at our own wedding festivities!  Although we had planned every single detail, we still needed someone to orchestrate the rehearsal and ceremony (thanks Teresa!) and oversee the reception set-up.

We offer a “Day-0f” package that  includes, if needed, all of the services suggested above.  Because a coordinator’s services are not needed for the entire weekend, we will charge a flat rate to work with you, the bridal party and your family on the big day.  All the worry surrounding the little details will be lifted off of your shoulders and allow you and yours to relax and enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life!  

Contact us at Kennedyoccasions@gmail.com to discuss how we can help coordinate and organize your wedding day!