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This weekend, I was given the opportunity to help organize/coordinate the wedding celebration for Marissa Campbell and Seth Witherington.  Marissa and I were bridesmaids in Anna (Larson) Jordan’s wedding in March 2006 and had a fantastic time hanging out and helping Anna with her last minute preparations!  In Marissa’s wedding, Anna was a bridesmaid and I played coordinator (with the added bonus of spending the weekend with Frank, Anna and Miles! )!!

I made the trip to Jackson Friday night in time for the rehearsal.  The rehearsal went smoothly, although I think a little longer than most expected, but for a 23 person bridal party, an hour and a half is excellent timing!  After dinner, a slideshow and a few drinks, the group was excited for the big day!

Anna and I arrived at the church around noon to get started.  Anna, a certified cosmetologist, started working on some of the girls’ hair while I spent most of the afternoon steaming the bridesmaids’ dresses, sashes and Marissa’s wedding gown.  The other bridesmaids were incredibly helpful with 3 of them setting up the reception site most of the morning!  After picking up and setting up the cakes at the reception site, I got back to the church in time for pictures.  Marissa looked BEAUTIFUL and everyone was incredibly excited for the happy couple.  As five o’clock approached, Marissa remained incredibly cool and collected.

The music started, the ushers escorted the guests inside, and the party lined up.  The soloist was fantastic and the mothers looked stunning!  The groomsmen were incredibly easy to work with and no one missed their cue!  All 4 flower girls made it down the aisle (even the 2 year olds!) and the bride was sent down the aisle! 

As soon as they said “I Do”, I rushed over to the reception site (VFW) to start lighting the candles and making sure that everything was in place.  The site was decorated beautifully in brown and pink with candles everywhere!  Kelly, Meghan and Lynda did a great job with the decor!  I helped the catering group with the service of cake, punch, etc and worked on cleaning up towards the end.  A little after 10pm, Anna and I had to call it a night.  We were exhausted but so happy that Marissa’s big day went to smoothly!  Congratulations Seth and Marissa, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day!

I didn’t have much time to take lots of pictures but here are a few!